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Using inject in RPGJS

The inject function in RPGJS is a powerful feature for dependency injection, allowing you to retrieve instances of various classes in both client and server environments.

Client-Side Injection

To use inject on the client side, import it from @rpgjs/client. This allows you to retrieve singleton instances of classes such as RpgClientEngine, KeyboardControls, and RpgRenderer.

Retrieving the RpgClientEngine

import { inject, RpgClientEngine } from '@rpgjs/client'

const client = inject(RpgClientEngine)

This code imports inject and RpgClientEngine from @rpgjs/client and then uses inject to retrieve the RpgClientEngine instance.

Injecting Other Classes

Similarly, you can inject other classes like KeyboardControls and RpgRenderer:

import { inject, KeyboardControls, RpgRenderer } from '@rpgjs/client'

const controls = inject(KeyboardControls)
const renderer = inject(RpgRenderer)

Server-Side Injection

For server-side injection, import inject from @rpgjs/server. This is typically used to retrieve the RpgServerEngine.

Retrieving the RpgServerEngine

import { inject, RpgServerEngine } from '@rpgjs/server'

const server = inject(RpgServerEngine)