# Get Started

# What is RPGJS?

RPGJS was created several years ago, with the aim of creating an RPG on the browser. For this, the framework uses HTML5 Canvas. However, it was not possible to make only RPG. Currently, the version of RPGJS allows you to create an RPG or an MMORPG at the same time.

# Technology

  • Typescript v4
  • Webpack v4 (for compilation)
  • NodeJS >v14 (for server)
  • Socket.io v3 (for real time)
  • PixiJS v5 (for WebGL rendering)
  • VueJS v3 (for GUIs)
  • Jest v26 (for unit tests)

# Compatibility


  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge (only Webkit version)
  • Brave

Warning, the game is not compatible with Internet Explorer.


  • NodeJS >14

# Installation


npx degit rpgjs/template my-rpg-game
cd my-rpg-game
npm install
npm run dev

And open a browser on http://localhost:3000

To change the port: PORT=4000 npm run dev. Then, you can go to port 4000

For RPG:

The same line as above but start the development line with RPG_TYPE environment variable:

RPG_TYPE=rpg npm run dev

Go to http://localhost:3000

To change the port: PORT=4000 RPG_TYPE=rpg npm run dev