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Create map


To create a map, you need the Tiled Map Editor :

1. Create tileset

  1. Create a new tileset with Tiled Map Editor (File > New > New Tileset)
  2. Set source and width and height of tile
  3. Save the TSX file in main/server/maps/medieval.tsx


  • Tile sizes may vary. In the example below, the size is 32px*32px but you can have more or less tile size.
  • The width and height of the tileset does not matter. However, avoid having images that are too large. This may cause an error with WebGL
  • You can have several tilesets for one map.

Here is the spritesheet we will use. Save the PNG file in main/server/maps/medieval.png


Warning, the image above is only a part of the tileset


For a tileset compatible with WebGL 1 (mainly mobiles), the image must be at most 4096*4096px


The size of the tiles must not exceed the dimensions of the image. For example, if the width of a tile is 32px but the width of the tileset is 60px then there will be a problem. The width of the tileset must be 64px

Collision on a tile

  1. Select the tile (or several at the same time) and set a new property

select tile

  1. Add the collision property of type BOOL

add colission

  1. Check the collision property on the selected tile

set collision

tile above the character (Z Tile)


  1. Select a tile
  2. Set the z property

Note that the z-value is added to the z-value of the layer. For example, in the image above, the top of the trunk is on z=1. But if the tree is on a layer of z=2 then the true value of the top of the trunk will be z=3.

2. Create map with Tiled Map Editor

  1. Create your map and save the TMX file in main/server/maps/medieval.tmx
  2. Create object layer
  3. Insert a point on the map


  1. Set the start type


3. Create Map class

  1. Create a new file: main/server/maps/medieval.ts
  2. Then, the code must be as follows
import { RpgMap, MapData } from '@rpgjs/server'

    id: 'medieval',
    file: require('./tmx/medieval.tmx'),
    name: 'Town' // optional
export class MedievalMap extends RpgMap { }
  1. Put an identifier to the map. this information will be used if you want to load maps to a player.
  2. Set the absolute path to the tmx file.

4. Add Map in your Game

In main/server/index.ts :

import { RpgServer, RpgModule } from '@rpgjs/server'
import { MedievalMap } from './maps/medieval.ts'

    maps:  [
export default class RpgServerEngine { }
  1. Add the map created in the property maps in the @RpgModule decorator