# Create map

# Prerequisites

  1. To create a map, you need the Tiled Map Editor : https://www.mapeditor.org/
  2. You have already created the client-side tileset

# It is necessary to know

  1. The maps are transformed into JSON format and saved in a maps folder
  2. Note that maps are created on the server side. The map data is known only when the player goes to the map.
  3. Maps are cached. If the server is not restarted, it will draw from memory to retrieve the map. If this is the first time it is opened, there will be a file reading (MMORPG) or an ajax request (RPG).

# Create map with Tiled Map Editor

# Create Map class

  1. Create a new file: src/modules/main/server/maps/medieval.ts
  2. Then, the code must be as follows
import { RpgMap, MapData } from '@rpgjs/server'

    id: 'medieval',
    file: require('./tmx/medieval.tmx'),
    name: 'Town' // optional
export class MedievalMap extends RpgMap { }
  1. Put an identifier to the map. this information will be used if you want to load maps to a player.
  2. Set the absolute path to the tmx file.

# Add Map in your Game

In src/modules/main/server/index.ts :

import { RpgServer, RpgModule } from '@rpgjs/server'
import { MedievalMap } from './maps/medieval.ts'

    maps:  [
export default class RpgServerEngine { }
  1. Add the map created in the property maps in the @RpgModule decorator