# Customize GUIs

SCSS variables must be found in the src/config/theme.scss file.

These variables are used by the GUIs of your game. You can change the color of a window, the font, etc.

    Window StyleSheet
$window-background: linear-gradient(148deg, rgba(79, 82, 136, 0.7) 0%, rgba(42, 43, 73, 0.7) 100%);
$window-border: 2.5px solid white;
$window-border-radius: 5px;
$window-arrow-color: white;
$window-font-size: 25px;
$window-font-color: white;
$window-font-family: 'Arial';

$cursor-background: #7782ab;
$cursor-border: 1px solid #9db0c6;

$hero-face: url('@/config/client/assets/face.png');

@mixin window-content {
    // add extra style stylesheet

# Create your own variable

Imagine that you create a GUI, you can put your own variable:

In *.vue file:

<style lang="scss">
$my-var: #fff !default;

.my-element {
    color: $my-var;

So that the game creator can put in src/config/theme.scss file:

$my-var: red;
// ... others variables

If you put paths to images, start the path with "@":

$hero-face: url('@/config/client/assets/face.png');