# Title Screen


# Goal

Displays a title screen before starting the game.

In RPG mode, you can display the loading screen (remember to install the save plugin before)


In MMORPG, the player must create an account and log in with his account to start a game. You couple your game with a MongoDB database


# Installation

  1. npm install @rpgjs/default-gui @rpgjs/title-screen
  2. (optional, if you want to display the loading menu for the RPG mode)npm install @rpgjs/save
  3. In src/modules/index.ts file, add:
import defaultGui from '@rpgjs/default-gui'
import titleScreen from '@rpgjs/title-screen'
import save from '@rpgjs/save' // optional

export default [
    save // optional
    // more modules here
  1. In src/config/server/index.ts file, add the configurations:
export default {
    mongodb: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/test',
    startMap: '<map id>'

# Usage (MMORPG only)

To make a save, run the method player.save(). The method has been overloaded to store the data in MongoDB

# Custom

Change the background

In src/config/theme.scss file, add SCSS variable:

$title-screen-font-size: 40px;
$title-screen-font-color: white;
$title-screen-font-border-color: black;
$title-screen-background: url('@/config/client/assets/my-bg.png');

Change title name and add music

In src/config/client/index.ts:

import rpgConfig from '../../../rpg.json'

export default {
    screenTitle: {
        title: rpgConfig.name,
        music: '<sound id>'