# Effects

The effects make it possible to change the combat (or other) situation. Effects are just labels

# Existing effects

  • Enum: string
Tag Description
Effect.NONE No effect
Effect.CAN_NOT_SKILL The player will not be able to use a skill. The player.useSkill() method will return an exception with the RESTRICTION_SKILL id
Effect.CAN_NOT_ITEM The player may not use an item. The player.useItem() method will return an exception with the RESTRICTION_ITEM id
Effect.GUARD The player goes on defense. When using applyDamage(), damage will be reduced using the damageGuard formula
Effect.SUPER_GUARD Damage with the applyDamage() method will be divided by 4
Effect.HALF_SP_COST The cost of the SP will be halved when calling the useSkill() method
  • Usage:

# Create Custom Effect


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